March 11, 2013


Reality TV and celebrities have screwed women. There is so much pressure to be thin and perfect all the time. I am sure I am feeding into it by watching reality TV but o well I love the Bravo channel. 

I am sure I am not the only one who feels the pressure that society has put on women. Women are expected to be a size 2 with long hair and perfect make up, all the time. How is that even possible? I also partly blame Pinterest, another thing I love, for putting these awesome things in front of us that make us think we should be there. Perfect houses, perfect hair, perfect closet and perfect kids... not. Why can't it be okay to just be who you are, flaws and all? Why do women have to be so perfect? I will give you an example, why in the world is anyone worried about Hilary Clinton and what her hair looks like?!? She is a badass and should be able to look however she wants. Now, I am not saying lets all just wear whatever and not care what anyone looks like. But why can't we just be able to be real and be who we are. Shouldn't our natural beauty be enough? Why do we have to be a cookie cutter person with perfect hair, face, boobs and figure?

I want to be able to be at a healthy weight and feel beautiful, as opposed to having to feel like I am too fat because my thighs rub together (which is real life for a lot of women). I know this is a real life problem or bulimia and anorexia wouldn't be such a issue. 

I don't know, I just want health and inner beauty to matter too. I know regardless of what I say or think, men will flock to the size two blonde beauty (and I want to be clear, there is nothing wrong with being a size 2 blonde beauty, more power to you!). 

I just wish beauty was redefined and was realistic. Just a thought. 

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