May 29, 2013


I was watching an episode of Sex and the City the other day that I think is still pretty relevant. Carrie was dealing with/discussing the fact that many of her friends were having parties and getting gifts because they were getting married and having babies. She discussed one friend in particular who had a few children- Carrie bought gifts and participated in the celebrations for the wedding and all the kids. When she lost a pretty expensive pair of shoes at the woman's house, she was judged for having such an expensive lifestyle. 

I am in the age where I have friends that are getting married and having babies. It is an exciting time and I love to celebrate their happiness. BUT I think we should be celebrating the accomplishments of the single ladies too. I know so many single women doing awesome things with their lives. 

I would love for us to celebrate more milestones in our lives instead of just having big celebrations for weddings and babies. 

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