March 14, 2013

Lessons from FUSE

I LOVE my church! It is phenomenal and a place where real change takes place. One of my favorite things about Newspring is our youth ministry- FUSE. It is one of the highlights of my week and I get the privilege of working with a small group of 7th grade girls. 

Last night at church, our youth pastor- Brad Cooper- was on fire. He said a lot of really great things but one thing in particular stuck with me- many of us are cynical and skeptical because we have had so many promises broken. I really believe that. I think even more than just promises, so many of us (ladies in particular) are told one thing but something completely different ends up happening. Why do men (and not all of them but seems like a lot), tell women one thing but then do something different? And I am not trying to bash men here, I am just being honest. 

I am not sure if it is a maturity issue, or if men think women are crazy and don't want to be authentic (and it may be a bit of both). I get so annoyed when someone says- yea I want to be in a relationship- but then acts like you have ran over a puppy when you start to believe that will actually happen. They run, fast. So I thought, what are we as women supposed to do? We know some men will let us down, but we still want to be in a relationship. My answer is this, go to God and give HIM your heart. He will NOT break his promises. 

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