April 15, 2013

Lessons from Marcus

Tonight I took some students to see Marcus Lattimore speak. Of course he was great. He said a lot of great things but a few things particularly stuck out to me.

  • God is good and faith can get you through a difficult situation: faith and going to God is what got Marcus through his injuries and it has been what has gotten me through my difficult times. In his hardest times, knowing that God doesn't make mistakes helped him. 
  • How to balance being a Christian with everything else: Marcus told a story about a little girl that asked him how he balanced being a Christian with football and school. The following Sunday he got saved and switched his focus from football to God. I fully believe his faith and acceptance of Christ got him through both injuries. 
  • Who is your best friend and why: a student at the event as him this. He said his best friend is the one that is not only 'down for him' but that will be real with him and tell him what he needs to hear. A lot of friends will tell us what we want to hear to make us happy, but not all of them will tell us what we need to hear to get us through the difficult times. He always said "you are who you hang with." I think that is a great thing to think about when thinking about your friends. 

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