May 28, 2013

Lessons from Kiara

Supermodel Kiara Kabukura came to Greenville to spend time with and speak to Building Dreams Bike Club (the AMAZING outreach group that we work with and that I ride with). She gave an empowering speech about forgiveness and moving forward. 

Here are a few things I took away from her talk. 

  • People are people and they have their things. Everyone is unique and has their own qualities/faults. Everyone has them and if we decide to have people in our lives, we have to deal with those things. 
  • We will rise and it will make the turmoil more meaningful. We ALL go through hard times- regardless of who you are or your background. It is easy to stay in the pit of our lives and not fight to get out. Kiara knows this first hand; she went through abuse and a painful struggle during her early modeling years. She overcame all of those difficult seasons and came on the other side. 
  • Turn the other cheek. When people throw negativity your way, turn it to positives and take control of the situation. Refuse to let negative people take hold of your life and your attitude. 
Read more about her exceptional story here

Here is a video shoot at the event

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