April 19, 2013

Lessons from D. Craig

My uncle played football for Auburn and has recently returned as the Co-Offensive Coordinator and Wide Receivers coach.

He got inducted into Auburn's Tiger Trail. At the ceremony, he gave a speech that had nuggets of knowledge- of course I decided to blog about it :-).

-Humility: Dameyune is a big deal, but as long as I can remember, he has been humble. He never used his status for anything other than good and he was never cocky.

-Sacrifice: Success can require some level of sacrifice. That will be different for everyone, but I think everyone will encounter it.

-Hard Work: Another thing that is required for success. Dameyune (and my dad) did not come from the best home, but he worked hard to get out of Prichard. He kept this same work ethic through college, his time in NFL and though his coaching career.

-Trying to make things better: Dameyune choose Auburn as a player and a coach to make the program better. I admire this quality.

Dameyune is quite successful and will be for a while and I think we can all learn from him.

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