April 7, 2013

"I Can't Believe This is Happening to Me"- Notes from NewSpring

Newspring is an amazing church! Our pastor, Perry Noble, is real and drops some serious knowledge every week. Today we started a new series: Chains. I knew I would love it :). 

Here are some things that really stuck out to me. 
  • Freedom from our circumstances begin when we focus on Jesus 
  • Jesus > What we are going through 
  • God has a vision for our lives that is better than our vision 
  • What is over our heads, is under his feet 
  • Don't worry your way out, worship your way out
  • Worship God when things are bad in addition to when things are good
  • Worship instead of trying to fix things 
  • Worship (and thanking and telling God we love him) gets His attention 
  • We can't control anything, God controls everything 
You can check out the full message at www.newspring.cc

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