August 20, 2013


Lately, I have noticed that as a single woman in the South, I frequently get asked this question in conversation- 'are you seeing someone?' When I say no, I get different reactions, but none exude excitement.  

This question and 'when are you having babies?' annoys me. Regardless of where you are in the your single life (or married non mommy life), that isn't an exciting question. 
  • If you are happily single and not looking for a relationship: The question makes you think, hm I wonder why they are asking that. Is is somehow a negative thing that I am not seeing anyone. OR it can make you angry because the focus is on your romantic life as opposed to work or other things happening in your world. 
  • If you want to be dating: The question reminds you of your unwanted singleness.
  • If you just got out of a relationship: The question reminds you of your last relationship, which probably doesn't bring the happiest of thoughts. 

Same thing (I am assuming) applies to married women who don't have kids. 

I am sure most people who ask this question are just trying to create small talk, but would a man be asked that question when engaging in small talk. NOPE. 

There seems to be an expectation that women in the south should marry sooner rather than later. Why? 

Another thing that I love is when people assume that I am sad about being single. Why?

I know I will be asked either if I am seeing someone or why am I single until I get married, then the questions about babies are sure to start, but I want the questions to be focused on something other than things I don't need. Just a thought. 

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