March 18, 2013

The Maturity Issue

I had two great conversations today about dating and maturity. I took away a few things away from the two conversations. I think dating sucks because there is a major maturity gap between men and women.

We already know females mature faster than males, that's common knowledge, but I think it is easy to forget that when dating. I have talked to a few people and have come to a conclusion (that I think is generally correct)- most young men have NO desire to get married in their near future. Most men I talk to are 'having fun' and don't want to 'settle down'. In contrast, a lot of women my age want to be married. Although I am actively taking a break from dating if I met the right person, I would want to get married. A lot of my friends have either dated older men or told me they want to date older because they want a relationship and men our age don't. 

This isn't necessarily a problem, but another issue comes along with the maturity gap- a gap in communication. This becomes a problem. Why do men just stop communicating with a female when they are no longer interested? Well, I asked a friend and he said that men don't want to argue. Okay I get that, arguing with a woman isn't easy but isn't it better for everyone (and less painful) if we can all just be honest? If you are no longer interested (and this counts for both genders), just say it. I think if we could all be okay and open to communicating our feelings (and also hearing things even when it is difficult to hear), everyone would be a little bit happier. I know for me, I would so much rather know the truth and deal with it instead of wondering later. I know I am not the only one who feels this way. I understand that can be difficult but life isn't always easy so just do what you have to do and move on. 

Another thing that I wonder when thinking about the maturity gap- are men not interested in women that they consider independent? I would love to know what people think about this. Are men (again young ones in particular) caught off guard by women who are independent and have it together? Do they think this means there isn't a place for them? I am curious and would like to know what y'all think. Comments are welcomed :). 

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  1. Follow up:

    I have had a conversation about this blog post that has made me want to make another point.

    Not every woman is controlling! I am sorry to any man that has been in a bad relationship or who has seen women playing games with their significant others or trying to be controlling. Real, Godly love is not this way.

    I'm not saying everyone should go to church to meet someone but don't stereotype every woman because you have seen some like that. There are plenty of good women out there.