December 19, 2013

Leaning Into Life Changes

I, as most twenty somethings in the South, am surrounded by people who are going through relationship based life changes. So many people I know are getting engaged, married and pregnant. It is great to watch friends take their next steps in life and move into relationships and motherhood. 

But there is something about those changes that I didn't realize until recently: relationship changes come with friend changes. When statuses are changed from single to engaged to married, single friends start to fall off the priority list. *I believe this can also happen with married friends get divorced, their friendships change as well.* 

I think this can do a few things for single women: make them sad and miss their former friendships; allow them to change their friendships and establish new friendships; allow them to lean into singleness. I am currently in phase 3 of this cycle. 

So what does leaning into singleness mean? I am going to take the next few months to figure that out (and of course blog about it), but I think it means doing what makes you happy and trying new things. This seems like a great time to work like crazy, take vacations, try new things, and all on your terms. Just my thoughts. 


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