April 21, 2013

"I'm Not Sure I Can Completely Trust God"

Newspring is still in the Chains series. It has been a great one.  

I think it is easy to drift away from God and get caught up in what we see as disappointments. God has plans for us that are for sure better than our own. We have to trust in those plans. It is easy to get caught up in the things we have asked God for. If we ask him for something specific and it doesn't happen, it is easy to be disappointed and walk away from him. What I know from personal experience is that God will do amazing things in our lives, but they aren't always what we thought and they for sure aren't on our timetable.

God will always come through for us, but we have to trust him completely with our lives. This starts with our daily quiet time. Perry said today, spend 15 minutes a day with God through his word (the Bible) and our lives will forever be changed. Try it and see what happens :). 

Perry also talked about the pace of our lives. Because everyone is so busy, it is hard for us to slow down and see God. Making the commitment to spend time with God everyday will allow us to trust him and his promises. 

Click here to watch the message. 

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