March 11, 2013


Everyone should have a best friend. The kind of friendship that is honest and real. The kind of friend that will tell you, I don't think he likes you and you are too good for him. Let me tell you, I have one of those and it is great.

We all need someone to be real with us and keep us in check. This is important in a lot of situations. You need someone to tell you, you are great and you don't need someone to validate you. Like I've said before, there are times when being single isn't so much fun, that's when you go to your friends. Tell them how you feel. Let them cry, eat ice cream, drink wine (my personal favorite is skinny girl- low on calories) or do whatever you need to do to get through it. I would rather have the kind of friend that is honest with me because they care instead of telling me what I want to hear because it is easy.

Make sure you have one of these. They are lots of fun too.

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