May 1, 2013

8 Reasons to Love Being Single

In an attempt to continue to celebrate singleness, here are 10 reasons for single ladies to love singleness. 

8. Try on Guys Like You'd Try on Clothes: trying to find the right person can be as fun as shopping :) 

7. Be a Social Goddess: hang out and make plans with different friends- guys and gals. Check out new bars and find new places of interest in your city.

6. It's Exciting: Have fun getting to know new people. Even if something doesn't turn into a relationship, it could turn out to be a new friendship or work partner. 

5. Freedom: Being in control of your life and time is awesome. 

4. Be Selfish: Being selfish can be anything from buying new clothes, going on trips and spending time however you choose. 

3. Anticipation: How great is the feeling that you just never know who you'll meet on your next night on the town? 

2. Look Forward: "Mr. Perfect" could be right around the corner. 

1. Get Rich (or for me get more experience): Single women can climb the corporate ladder faster because they don't have to think twice about staying late at the office or working weekends. 

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